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We believe that when patients and researchers work together we learn so much more about how to better treat inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).
Patients understand their own body and disease best and have valuable information to share. We provide a way for researchers to listen to patients about their experiences with IBD. By working together, we can answer the questions that are most important to patients.
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We are one of the largest IBD research networks in the world.

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We are now 15,773 patients strong.

There are over 300 IBD researchers involved in our network.
How It Works
Patients Propose Research Ideas

Patients come up with insightful research ideas. We invite you to propose, vote, and discuss research ideas. IBD researchers will review these ideas. Your idea may even lead to a study!

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Popular Research Ideas
We should compare individuals who manage their disease with medication and those who manage their disease with popular diets in the IBD community, such as SCD, FODMAPS, paleo, etc.

I propose a genetics-based investigation that explores why some drugs work for some people but not others.


Patients Complete a Survey Twice a Year

You understand your own body and disease best. We want to know about your experiences with IBD. You can tell us about your experiences by completing an online survey twice a year. We will use this health information to answer important questions about IBD.


Researchers Share What They Learn

Using health data contributed by patient members, IBD Partners researchers will find answers to questions that are most important to you. We will let you know what is discovered and for which studies your data has been used.

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