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Welcome to IBD Partners My Health Data Page!

In this area you will be able to:

  • Track how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis
  • Calculate your disease activity score (not calculated for pouch or ostomy patients)
  • Add events to your Health Graph to see how they influence your symptoms
  • See how your symptoms compare to other IBD patients
  • View or update your medications
  • Sync networks, apps, or devices to your IBD Partners account to track more health information

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On the My Health Data page, you can use the health information you submit through your surveys, health devices/apps, and daily check-ins to create a graph that shows how your health changes over time!

The information you provide in your six month surveys is used to create your Health Graph. You can add more information about your health to this graph by completing daily health check-ins using the Disease Activity Score Calculator, and updating survey measures, such as pain or fatigue, as often as you’d like. Add even more measures to this graph, like steps or sleep, by connecting an app or device.

If you only want to view a few measures on the graph at a time, just click the gray circle next to the measure you want to remove from view or add back in. Use the “Zoom & Pan Time” feature at the top of the graph (the green bar) to get a long-term picture, or a more detailed day-to-day view of your health.

Have you ever wondered if events in your life improve your symptoms or make them worse? With our new event tool, you can now record and track any event you choose, such as yoga or a stressful day. This could help you better understand what events are affecting your health. Just click on the “Add Event” button under your Health Graph to add a trackable event.

To see how your symptoms compare to the national average, scroll down to the My Health Snapshot section. Here you can view your survey measures and whether you experience these symptoms more or less frequently than other adults. You can update your survey measures at any time by clicking the green “Update my Survey Measures” button. This section also shows your Daily Health and Disease Activity scores from your latest check-in, and your steps or sleep hours if you have an app/device connected.
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