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People with IBD are more at risk for certain preventable diseases. Take a look at our recommendations for the flu, shingles, bone health, pneumonia, and skin cancer screening.

During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it is especially important to talk with your doctor about how to get the health care you need. Your doctor can tell you what care you need soon and what may be able to wait. You may be able to get needed vaccinations at your local pharmacy with an order from your doctor.

Project prevent flu Flu (Influenza)
People with IBD are at greater risk for more serious complications when they do get the flu, so prevention is important. Learn more >
Project prevent shingles Shingles
Shingles rates are higher for people with IBD, especially those on immunosuppressive therapy, in all age groups. Learn more >
Project prevent bone Bone health
Patients with IBD, at any age, are at increased risk for developing weak bones (osteoporosis and osteopenia). Learn more >
Project prevent pneumonia Pneumonia
People with IBD are at an increased risk of getting pneumonia. Learn more >
Project prevent skin cancer Skin cancer screening
People with IBD are at increased risk of skin cancer, particularly those taking immunosuppressive medications. Learn more >