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Toolkit for Physicians

Direct your IBD patients to virtual dynamic education on the latest recommendations for influenza, shingles, bone health, pneumonia, and skin cancer screening. You may also post the Project PREVENT flier in your office.

Each page features:

  • Clear, concise and unambiguous messaging
  • Easy to understand animated education
  • Content developed by physicians with patient input on addressing barriers, knowledge gaps, and myths.
  • Personalized recommendations based on responses to brief questionnaire

Project prevent flu Flu (Influenza)
People with IBD are at greater risk for more serious complications when they do get the flu, so prevention is important.
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Project prevent shingles Shingles
Shingles rates are higher for people with IBD, especially those on immunosuppressive therapy, in all age groups.
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Project prevent bone Bone health
Patients with IBD, at any age, are at increased risk for developing weak bones (osteoporosis and osteopenia). 
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Project prevent pneumonia Pneumonia
People with IBD are at an increased risk of getting pneumonia.
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Project prevent skin cancer Skin cancer screening
Research suggests that people with IBD are at increased risk of skin cancer, particularly those taking immunosuppressive medications.
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Project PREVENT was developed by IBD physicians and researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and University of North Carolina. Animated educational video content was developed by physicians with iterative patient feedback using qualitative design methods.

Principal Investigators of Project PREVENT: Millie Long, MD, MS and Gil Melmed, MD, MS